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My so called Vagina

my so called vagina
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Hi, I am duckies vagina. I have had a long and hard life as duckies vagina and I made this community so i can share my experiences with you and also hear your experiences. I hope you all will feel free to post whatever you would like to share with me and i will do the same. Post pictures if you want. Or tell me how hard your life as a vagina is. Or if you are a friend of a vagina id like to hear the different experiences you have gone through with your vagina friend. I also have many vagina friends and hope that you all will become my new vagina and non vagina friends. This community is for anyone who has or appreciates vaginas. Real or fake. I dont care. As long as it can be used in the proper vagina fashion. Talk about anything you want. Freedom of speech is very important to my so called vagina!
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